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AKA What We've Been Up to...
Our Best Selling Custom Wristband Design Ideas + Recent Custom Bracelets We've Made
November 2011
While our (LIVESTRONG style) debossed silicone wristbands continue to be a great seller for us, our big 1" color text wristbands look so good in pictures that we're featuring some recent designs below...
hot pink one inch silicone livestrong bandscelebration custom wristbands one 1 inchmusic fundraiser custom silicone wristband
sample company one inch wristbandsupport awareness one inch bracelet bandtea party silicone wristband 1"

October 2011
You can custom design breast cancer awareness bands or order our in-stock breast cancer awareness wristbands now. Also, we have the SEXY and I know it wristband bracelets on hand and ready to ship :)

SEXY and I know it custom wristbandsPink Breast Cancer Awareness Wristbands

September 2011
Our color text wristbands (and one inch color text wristbands) are all the rage right now. Also don't miss our EVERYDAY IM SHUFFLIN wristbands.

big one inch color text wristbandhot pink one inch silicone band

August 2011
Here are some more of our one inch wristbands as well as our standard size color text wristbands...

big one inch color text wristbandcompany custom color match silicone band1" wristband with colored text
1" wristband with colored texthot pink one inch silicone bandbig one inch color text wristband
big one inch color text wristbandbig one inch color text wristband big one inch color text wristband

July 2011
Wow our colored text wristbands and one inch silicone wristbands are keeping us VERY busy this month. We are the first to offer such high quality no minimum silicone wristbands with colored text. Buy a bunch if you need them or just buy 1 silicone wristband if that is all you want!

hot pink one inch silicone bandcompany custom color match silicone band1" wristband with colored text
1" wristband with colored textbig one inch color text wristband

June 2011
Colored text custom silicone wristbands are the best thing yet. Now that we can offer standard size and ONE INCH colored text bracelets with NO MINIMUMS we have been making a ton of these wristbands. Here are a few samples below of custom wristbands made for friends as well as company custom wristbands and awareness wristbands...

hot pink one inch silicone bandcompany custom color match silicone bandbig one inch color text wristband1" wristband with colored text

May 2011
Almost time for vacation I guess. Well, not for us because we are making a ton of ID wristbands for kids with their parents'/gardians' phone numbers on them for their trips to the beach, to Disney and other amusement parks, and to vacation trips everywhere.
April 2011
A little bit of everything this month. From big music event wristbands to smaller birthday party and church events we are staying busy this month!
March 2011
Right now we are selling a ton of our PRAY FOR JAPAN silicone wristbands. And we are, daily, praying for those in Japan who have suffered due to the earthquake and tsunami.
September 2010
We are selling a lot of SCHOOL related bands right now. With the school year starting a lot of PTAs and other school organizations are purchasing wristbands to raise funds for their school (especially in a time when there are so many schools facing so many budget cuts).
August 2010
This month we have had many childminder and nanny orders for custom bracelets. Word is spreading that our custom wrist bands are a great safety feature and many of these orders include the name of the child minder as well as a contact phone number in case any of the children are lost. (See the page we setup with info for childminders and nannies - click here.)
July 2010
It must be FAMILY REUNION month because we have made a lot of custom wristband orders this month for families getting together across the US and even in Europe. Many of the custom bands we've made this month have the family name on the bands as well as the date and/or location of the family reunion on the wristband - what a great keepsake!
June 2010
Children are ready for Summer vacation and apparently so are their parents. Parents travelling to Disneyland and Disneyworld as well as the beaches and and other landmarks around the world have been buying safety wristbands to celebrate their travels and have contact info on each person travelling. (We setup a "parents" page here on our site with a little more info.)
May 2010
This month we have made a lot of IN MEMORY OF... wristbands and WE LOVE... or IN SUPPORT OF... bands. We have always had a lot of orders placed by people buying custom wristbands for their friends and family members who are suffering or need encouragement, and this month there seems to be a TON of them needed. Our thoughts and prayers to those hurting!
April 2010
Plenty of fun and whimsical spring break and birthday party wristbands have been leaving our factory this month. We've shipped a lot of child and adult size bands for people throwing parties and having events.
March 2010
Tea party and other political groups have made FREEDOM wristbands and similar. We have been rushing custom wristbands to both political and religious groups this month.
February 2010
Love is in the air! We're making a lot of I LOVE YOU custom wristbands this month and even some BE MINE and MARRY ME custom silicone bands.
January 2010
By far our best seller this month has been Haiti custom wristbands. We've sold a ton of Hope for Haiti bands, as well as I HELPED HEAL HAITI wristbands, and plenty of simply HAITI silicone bands. Plenty of schools and non profit organizations are having Haiti wristbands made up to do fundraisers and to raise support and awareness for Haiti. We're impressed!
That's right, we started WAY back in 2005 with the simple debossed wristband in one size and a few dozen colors. Since then we've made and shipped thousands of custom wristband orders all over the USA and around the world. Be sure to see our Feedback page with some of our customers' RAVES about our products. These are in addition to the 5000 positive feedback ratings we've received on ebay!

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