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No Minimum! Fast Production!
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No Minimum! Buy 1-1000+ bands. Fast Production!
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No Minimum! Buy 1-1000+ bands. Fast Production!
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100 bands minimum. No setup/mold fees!
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For our DEBOSSED bands we stock the 3 sizes below. On our new colored text bands we stock just the adult size bands, but we can make the other sizes for you on custom orders of 200 or more pieces.

Picture for small size bandTODDLER bands are 5.8 inches around and work great for very young children

Picture for medium size bandCHILD bands are 6.9 inches around and are for kids and small adults

Picture for large size bandADULT bands are 8.0 inches around and are for teenagers and adults

To print and "try on" a paper version of our bands, click here. (requires Microsoft Word)

picture of 3 sizes of band bracelets

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