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Fonts for Your Custom Wristbands

We offer a wide variety of fonts for your custom wristbands. In addition, we can do a custom font for you. We recommend using simple and clear fonts so your custom bands will get your message across clearly.

You are welcome to contact us about using your custom font, and you can even email the font file to us at - generally you can just find the font in the "FONTS" folder on your computer and attach it to an email. If it is a common font (like Kristen ICT for example) you are welcome to just email and request the font and we'll verify that we have it on our computers.

No matter what font you choose, our goal is to make bands that you will love and get them out to you quickly and affordably. If there is anything we can do to help make that happen, just let usk know.


Note: STENCIL & TREASURED are ALL CAPS. Also the LoVing
font shows up as MiXed CaSe depending on letters.

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