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Frequently Asked Questions About Silicone Wristbands

What size are your bands?
On our debossed bands we stock 3 sizes. See our SIZES page for info by clicking here.
On our color text wristbands and BIG 1" wristbands we stock just the 8 inch adult size which fits most teenagers and adults. (We can make smaller sizes of those color text custom wristbands on orders of 200 or more bands.)
How is the text added to the band?
The writing is debossed (indented) and is permanently a part of your band. On the color text wristbands this allows a contrasting color to show up for the text and images. For more info, click here.
How long will it take to make the bands?
We work hard to ship orders out as fast as possible. Most orders ship in 1-2 business days. If you need bands urgently you can 

How are the bands shipped?
Once the bands are completed (within 7 days) we ship right away. For US orders of just a few bands we ship via First Class Mail (2-5 days). Larger US orders of silicone wristbands ship via Priority mail (2-3 days). If you have a deadline and or need overnight shipping email us with all of the order information. You can also upgrade to Express mail shipping (1-2 days) by clicking here to go to our shipping upgrade page.

Can numbers and symbols be added to the bands?
Yes, you can use letters and numbers as well as symbols like # or $ or *. Also, if you want a simple picture added, just enter the description in parentheses . For example you might enter the following text when you order: I (heart) Cars. See our PICTURES page for more info on free images and pictures and logos you can add to your custom wristbands.
How many characters (letters and spaces) fit on a band?
We can use up to half of the length of the band for your text, and we will do our best to fit what you want on the band. We suggest using up to 25 letters on the ADULT/LARGE size, up to 21 letters on the YOUTH/MEDIUM size, and up to 18 letters on the TODDLER/SMALL size. (So, if you order ADULT/LARGE bands that say NEW YORK HIGH BEARS, when you order TODDLER/SMALL you may want to choose abbreviated text like: NYH BEARS.) Images are the width of approximately 4 characters.
Can I change my order after placing it?
On bands with a custom design we begin production as soon as the order is in. So once we have the wristband information and payment the order cannot be changed.
Does SayItBands have a guarantee?
Yes, we promise that you will receive high quality silicone wristbands made with precision! While we make bands quickly and affordably, we do not compromise quality. (This is one of the reasons we've received some great feedback on our custom wristbands and our customer service.)

What is the cost per band?
Your price depends on the quantity and the type of silicone band(s) you order. If you look at our pricing page, it is divided by the style of band and if you scroll down to the quantity you would like to buy the pricing is there.

What payment options are available?
The fastest way to pay is by credit card or Paypal through our checkout. If you need to pay by check or money order, email us band info (color, quantity, size, text) and we will reply with instructions.
Does SayItBands offer blank bands?
Yes, we have blank bands available. You can email us with the color(s) and quantity you need and/or see our page with pricing info on our blank silicone wristbands.
Can text be added to both sides?
Yes, we can rotate your custom wristband(s) 180 degrees after adding text and images and add text and images to the opposite outside side of the band(s) for a small charge. You can see the pricing on our order page for each type of custom band, or you can see our full pricing page with tables showing the wristband costs and costs of adding text to the opposite side by clicking here.
What can I do to support Say It Bands?
(Glad you asked!) We would love for you to help us get some more exposure. To find out how to help, click here.
What about big orders - are there any other options?
We would love to work with you on your large wristband order - for orders of more than 250 pieces we can do custom colors and we can offer advanced options like embossed text wristbands (with raised text on the bands), keychains, thumb bands, and more.
How can I see a product sample?
Use the box below to order a sample wristband. You can choose the size and color you would like to see. We'll either send a debossed band in the color & size you request (if one is available) or a blank band in the color & size you request and an additional band which is debossed.
Choose Band Type Below For Sample
Samples Cost $2 including shipping




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